A Boy’s Dream on a New Year’s Card

Kim Yu Jin is attending the Mirae Kindergarten in Phyongchon District of the capital city Pyongyang.

He is said to be good at all subjects–mother tongue, calculation and music.

Especially he has a forte for Paduk (Go) and poem writing. He was awarded a technical prize at the Autumn Paduk Tournament of Pyongyang City Children held in Juche 108 (2019). It is said that a collection of his poems was published last year.

On the morning of the New Year’s Day Kim Yu Jin has a joyful work to do, that is, the writing of New Year’s cards.

His mother Pak Jo Hyang says:

“My son writes cards on holidays. He always sends a card to his kindergarten teacher first.

Seeing him, I am thankful to the teacher who found out his talent in the bud and developed it.”

To whom shall I write first?

After a thought for a while, Kim Yu Jin starts to write.

“Happy New Year!

I send the New Year’s greetings to you who taught me the knack of Paduk and trained me as a little poet. I wish you good health in the New Year, too.”

Kim Yu Jin seems to consider his kindergarten teacher to be his kindhearted mother. So he is absorbed in writing the card addressed to his teacher on the morning of the New Year’s Day.

He also writes his dream to startle the world.

“In the future, too, I will study hard as you said. I will be the king of Paduk and a famous poet.”

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