Video: People Move to New Houses in Feed Supply Farms under Kwangchon Chicken Farm

Dwelling houses for well over a thousand households have been successfully built in the area of Kwangchon in North Hwanghae Province.

In the feed supply farms under the Kwangchon Chicken Farm which are being built as the model in the field of poultry, low- and single-storied dwelling houses of various styles with perfect living conditions and environment have been beautifully built with the introduction of formative art to architecture on the principle of convenience and architectural beauty first.

Fruit trees such as apricot and persimmon trees, and trees of good species have taken roots around the dwelling houses of the new villages that appeared in Kwangchon-ri, Jangsa-ri and Hukgyo-ri of Hwangju County.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un initiated the construction of the modern chicken farm conducive to the development of the country’s poultry and took measures for pushing ahead with the construction of the farm in parallel with the development of the feed supply farms into the model units of rural culture.

Servicepersons of the Korean People’s Army (KPA), and officials and other working people of North Hwanghae Province built wonderful dwelling houses fully embodying the needs of the new era and the desire of the people in a short period.

Meetings for moving to new houses took place in the farm villages in Kwangchon-ri, Jangsa-ri, and Hukgyo-ri.

Licenses for the use of the houses were handed over to the inhabitants following speeches there.

KPA soldiers and builders congratulated the new owners of the houses in the new modern villages.

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