They Do More Work of Their Own Accord

Soryong-dong No. 2 of Taedonggang District is a small village in Pyongyang City.

Men in the village have different jobs but their wives have the same desire to build up their village beautifully.

Those women have built a tree nursery of hundreds of phyong (1 phyong = 35 sq ft) with their concerted efforts. It proves their ardent love for the home village.

(Picture from July 2020)

The excellent playground for children, kindergarten and nursery are associated with the devoted efforts of those women.
Those women give simple art performances of various programmes including song and dance at a number of industrial establishments to congratulate their husbands on their successes in work and encourage them to make greater innovations.

They do more work of their own accord for the future of the country changing day by day and for their life to become more beautiful.

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