Her Desire Realized on the Bank of the River Potong

The River Potong is in Pyongyang City.

It was called a “river of tears” before its improvement project.

In wet season every year, it was flooded even by a small amount of rain, which did damage to the crops and inflicted sufferings on local people.

Soon after Korea’s liberation from the Japanese imperialist colonial rule, the great leader Kim Il Sung initiated the Potong River improvement project, took part in its ground-breaking ceremony and broke ground to signal the start of the project. The historic day was May 21, Juche 35 (1946).

During the 55-day project, the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk often came out to the construction site and worked with people, thinking of a people’s paradise to be built. The people’s paradise envisaged by her was built on the bank of the River Potong.

The shore of the River Potong is changing day by day along with lots of creations for the people.

The River Potong is flowing, carrying the pleasure and happiness of the people.

Categories: Anecdotes, History, Narrated

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