Disabled Persons

Dance Makes Her Dream Come True

Ju Su Yang (centre) performs Korean dance Trio Dance.

“Dance is my life and it gives me everything,” expressed Ju Su Yang, art group member under the Korean Art Association of the Disabled, using sign language.

The entire audience is filled with admiration when this beautiful woman dances on stage, as they marvel at her vivacious, nimble and charming movements including quick spin and exact halt, pulsating rhythm and expressive countenance.

“Seeing her dance, I get excited and hum the tune unawares as I am so absorbed in her work,” said Ri Song Ok, resident in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

The 23-year-old joined the art group of the KAAD ten years ago and has starred in more than 10 dance performances.

“Su Yang is now a famous dancer, as well as the pride of my family, but it was unimaginable in her childhood,” recalled her mother.

Born with cheerful disposition, she was so fond of dance she tried the dance movements she saw on TV even in bed.

After she lost her hearing, however, her parents tried to make her learn other skill.

But as her appeal was so earnest, they visited the KAAD one day.

Thus she joined the art group, distinguished herself in dancing soon afterwards and came to lead a fulfilling life.

“Ju has a flair for dancing. She has also great depictive ability and passion. Her novel and witty representation always better the works created by professional writers,” said Jon Kyong Sim, staffer in charge of art at the KAAD.

The first work she performed was Korean dance Ssirum Dance in which she acted as a boy wrestler. After defeating “his” older and heavier opponent in the match, she expressed “his” joy by patting an ox on the back and making a thumbs-up sign, leaving the audience with lingering impression.

She has performed not only folk dances but foreign dances including fairy-tale dance Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and was extolled by audiences on foreign tours.

“My successes are not ascribable to any natural gift or my parents’ efforts. They are attributable to the benevolent system which bestows great favour on us, persons with disabilities and the painstaking efforts of the lecturers of the association. I will keep dancing to sing of my country which provides everyone with every condition for fulfilling their high hopes,” signed Ju.

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