A Lot of Tideland Reclaimed

One of the important ways to increase the grain output in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with limited area under cultivation is to acquire a lot of new land and reclaim the tideland.

The Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea presented a task to increase the paddy rice and maize cultivation area through a vigorous movement for acquiring new land and tideland reclamation.

Precedence is given to the reclamation of tideland with favorable conditions to build a sea dike and to be immediately adopted as a cropland and then a network of facilities built in the reclaimed tideland.

Under the wise leadership of the WPK, a lot of tideland has already turned into a fertile land, making a contribution to the increased grain production.

In recent years the tideland reclamation project is under way on a large scale in the west coastal area of Korea. And the project of building the network of facilities is done vigorously in the reclaimed tideland for farming.

This year the Ansok Tideland has been reclaimed, providing another solid foundation for the agricultural development of the country.

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