Two-Time Olympic Gold Medallist Still Shines in Weightlifting

DPRK weightlifter Rim Jong Sim is a two-time Olympic gold medal winner.

Rim triumphed in the 69kg category of the women’s weightlifting event at the 30th Olympic Games held in 2012 and, four years later, won another gold in the 75kg category of the women’s weightlifting at the 31st Olympic Games to become a twice Olympic gold medalist.

At that time, her consecutive victories were widely reported by media outlets of foreign countries.

She also won victories at the 6th East Asian Games, the 29th Summer Universiad and the 18th Asian Games and the IWF World Weightlifting Championships, the Asian Weightlifting Championship and the IWF World Cup held in 2019.

She snatched golds in the women’s 63kg category jerk of the 2011 World Junior Weightlifting Championships and in the women’s 76kg category snatch of the 2018 IWF World Weightlifting Championships.

She was awarded the title of DPRK Labor Hero in 2012, the title of People’s Athlete in 2016 and the Kim Jong Il Prize in 2019.

Categories: Sports, Women of Korea

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