They Make Their Native Villages More Beautiful

Officials and working people in Songchon County of South Phyongan Province are conserving the forests and rivers properly, changing their native place into a cradle of happiness.

Songchon County on the lower River Piryu joining the River Taedong is a low intermediary zone surrounded by mountains lower than 1,000 metres above the sea level. A large volume of water flows into the county in the rainy season.

The county has built river-dykes much higher than before in accordance with the characteristics of the mountainous region and pushed forward the filling, revetment work and concrete placing in a qualitative way.

It also promoted the work to turn itself into forest and garden at the same time.

The thick woods in the county represent patriotism of the officials and working people who have devoted their all to turn the hometown into a beautiful land good to live in.

Songchon County gets more beautiful thanks to the warm love for the native villages and devoted efforts of the local officials and working people.

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