Health Checkup App Wins Popularity

The health checkup program developed by the information technology institute of Kim Il Sung University is wining popularity among users.

Its earlier version for smart phones checked blood pressure and pulse, measured eyesight and audibility and analysed case history data to give relevant instructions on healthy exercises.

The developers of the recent app enhanced the accuracy of these functions and added to them the functions of counting the number of breathing, measuring the oxygen content in blood and assessing mental state. They also enabled several people to get measurements with one phone.

The app is well-liked especially by aged persons.

Elderly people need to control their blood pressure on a regular basis, but it is uncomfortable to always carry sphygmomanometer for frequent measurement.

This app relieves them of this burden.

Ri Ok Son, a 74-year-old woman living in Moranbong District, Pyongyang, was unable to travel beyond her village without any helper due to fluctuations in blood pressure caused by a chronic disease.

“But thanks to the app, I can notice any change in my body and take necessary steps in time and I have become able to go for a walk even for a short time,” she said.

The updated program also wins favour with sportspeople.

It is very important for coaches to note their trainees’ physical indicators and mental state and take prompt and correct measures.

According to Kim Song Hyon, table-tennis head coach at the Hwaeppul Sports Club, the app enables users to quickly know players’ psychology and grasp basic information about them.

Although users still have to frequently use corrective functions for accurate measurement, a solution to this will soon be developed, said Choe Jong Ae, one of the developers of the app.

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