Children of Korea

First Place

Hwang Kum Byol is a student at Senior Class 3A of the Pyongyang Foreign Languages School.

It is said that she is unrivalled in her command of English throughout the school.

She was very clever from her childhood. She started to learn English at the age of 4. As she had an unusual interest in foreign language, her kindergarten teachers and parents are said to have directed much effort to teaching her foreign language.

During her primary school days, she tried hard to acquire more knowledge of foreign language under the special concern and education of teachers.

After entering the Pyongyang Foreign Languages School, she began to distinguish herself soon.

Whenever school contest was held, she always took the first place.

Hwang Kum Byol displayed her outstanding English skill at the National English Contest of Students of Foreign Languages Schools held in November last year in commemoration of the 70th founding anniversary of the Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies, drawing the attention of many people.

She says: “At that time the contest brought together more than 40 students with high ability. So I worried if I could win them.”

Hwang Kum Byol got the better of all her rivals in different events including composition and presentation according to various themes, coming first.

When she mounted the victory rostrum amid the applause of all people, she shed tears, thinking of those teachers who had found and developed her talents.

Hwang Kum Byol is studying hard with a higher aim to live up to the expectations of her teachers and the motherland.

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