Science and Technology

Father and Daughter Pioneer New Cross-Disciplinary Science

Mineral Koryo medicines have been developed in the DPRK in recent years, which prove surprisingly effective in the treatment of diseases.

Their developers are Chon Chun Chu, director of the Koryo medicine pharmacy of the Koryo Medicine Production Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Health, and his daughter Chon Song I.

Chon, a mineralogist, had worked for a long time in the mineral production sector. In the period he came to know that some minerals have powerful cellular tissue activating, staunching and anti-inflammatory effects. So, he embarked on research into a new cross-disciplinary science which combines mineralogy and medicine.

But his knowledge about medical science was so poor that he assiduously studied medical science research materials and reference books, while intensifying research into minerals to be used as medicinal materials.

At that time his daughter graduated from Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and joined in his research. To her, mineralogy was not unfamiliar as she had grown up seeing his father dealing with a variety of mineral samples.

Chon and his daughter travelled to rugged mountains and hills and deep valleys across the country together to find out minerals with special medical effects for over 10 years. And they worked day and night to conduct component analysis of the collected samples and their basic pharmacological tests and continue research into treatment methods. Their house gradually turned into a laboratory filled with mineral analysis apparatuses and reagents.

Their painstaking efforts began to bear fruit: they were awarded a patent in 2016 for the mineral haemorrhoids ointment they invented. This year they unveiled a mineral tablet for the treatment of gastric ulcer to obtain another national patent.

“I took the mineral gastric ulcer tablet for a month and had a medical check-up. It showed all were negative,” said a worker at the Rangnang Disabled Soldiers’ Essential Plastic Goods Factory, who had suffered from gastric ulcer for years.

Their developments are also producing good therapeutic effects in clinical practice.

After being dosed with their mineral Koryo medicines against incurable wound, cancer of the rectum and cervical cancer, the patients became free from inflammation and the wounds were skinned over and bad granulation tissue which was hard to remove by means of operation was cleared among them.

“Their inventions are really innovative in view of how many operating equipment, medicines and medical workers have to be involved to carry out an operation on a patient,” said O Yong Chol, head of the traumatic surgery department of Pyongyang Municipal People’s Hospital No. 2.

They, father and daughter developers, received several diplomas at the Pyongyang international health and sports science and technology exhibition in 2018 and were highly appreciated at the national sci-tech festival and inventions exhibition.

“We have gained extensive experience on the way of pioneering a new cross-disciplinary science which combines mineralogy and medicine. We are confident that such diseases as cancer would not remain incurable in the future if scientific research into minerals is intensified still further,” said Chon.

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