Famous Blueberry-Growing District

It is said that blueberry can be an ideal cure-all having a good effect on the human body. Research into the blueberry known as the “king of berries” is intensified worldwide.

Ryanggang Province in the northern part of Korea has been known as the home of blueberry since long ago. Especially, Samjiyon City in Ryanggang Province is richest in blueberry resources of the country.

A blueberry drink factory was built in the city as a model and standard of the local industrial factories in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. All the production processes of the Samjiyon Blueberry Drink Factory have been conveyorized from feeding of raw materials to packing.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of the Samjiyon Blueberry Drink Factory in October Juche 107 (2018). He indicated an orientation and specific ways for the project and took measures to equip the factory with a complete set of modern production facilities.

He gave field guidance to the factory nearing completion in April the next year and then in October that year.

Looking at different kinds of products and hundreds of tons of blueberry syrup in storehouses, he expressed great satisfaction and said he is convinced of the bright prospect of the factory and it was a good job to have built the factory with much effort. And he earnestly said different kinds of drinks and processed products made from blueberry, speciality of Ryanggang Province, must be famous products enjoyed by people across the country.

The factory is producing blueberry drinks including wine and juice and different kinds of blueberry processed products such as jelly and candy. It also produces bread stuffed with blueberry jam.

Ryanggang Province has become more famous for the blueberry products.

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