Science and Technology

Content Put on General, Modern, and Practical Footing

Lecturers discuss how to improve online education at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences.

“To make educational content practical, comprehensive and up-to-date constitutes an essential part in the work for developing the intellectual potentials of students to the maximum and enhancing their abilities to acquire and apply new and practical knowledge,” said Jo Chol, vice-chairman of the Education Commission.

Many universities have attained remarkable successes in this effort.

Kim Il Sung University reviewed all the educational contents from regular courses to the postgraduate course and included its scientific research achievements according to the international trend of educational development and made them strictly practical in keeping with the realities.

Also, it ensured the pedagogic interconnection between the contents of education in adjacent and cross-disciplinary subjects and basic and major subjects, while raising the introduction rate of latest science and technologies.

Kim Chaek University of Technology upgraded its educational contents so as to raise the level of study subjects with theoretical explanation in plain language, incorporate the achievements made in the scientific research and development of hi-tech products and give students practical knowledge needed to put the national economy on a Juche-oriented, modern, scientific and IT footing.

Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry included the matters that are conducive to recycling raw materials in the light industry sector in all the curricula and updated the teaching contents in such a way as to improve education in basic and theoretical contents that can be applied in scientific research and production activities.

To this end, it ensured that students acquire knowledge in their major fields while learning basic subjects, integrated the contents with the similar academic foundations and created new subjects.

Technical colleges set up new courses including the artificial intelligence course, while upgrading the teaching content in line with the effort to improve education systems like the continuous education system from the undergraduate course to postgraduate school, said an official of the Education Commission.

The universities and colleges in the teacher-training sector have merged subjects so as to increase the share of practical and skill training and experiments on the basis of strengthening basic and theoretical education and created new subjects when necessary.

And they applied the optional subject system to both major and general subjects so that students can broaden their horizons according to their aptitudes, talents and abilities and enhance their practical abilities.

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