Chol Pass Remembered by the Korean People

The Korean people remember Chol Pass as it is an unusual place with many stories about the great leader Kim Jong Il who crossed it again and again to call on the service personnel of the Korean People’s Army defending the country under the banner of Songun (military-first) politics.

Today, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un crosses the Chol Pass to call on the service personnel.

In August Juche 101 (2012) Kim Jong Un visited the command of a People’s Army unit on the forefront in the eastern sector of the front.

That day, he said in a low voice: Crossing the Chol Pass, I thought a lot. I crossed the high, rugged Chol Pass, having a heartfelt talk with the great Kim Jong Il who had always crossed it to call on service personnel of the People’s Army time and again.

After a while, he continued: Kim Jong Il went over the Chol Pass 18 times. He crossed it, exposed to rain or snow, at night and early in the morning. We should know why he went over the Chol Pass so many times. Chol Pass is a symbol of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership.

Kim Jong Un earnestly called for remembering the devoted efforts of Kim Jong Il who went over the Chol Pass 18 times for the service personnel to defend the country.

The Chol Pass bringing back many stories is still remembered by the Korean people.

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