Anti-Epidemic Work Further Intensified

The emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels of the DPRK are further intensifying the anti-epidemic work.

The central emergency anti-epidemic units pay primary attention to completely blocking the ground, air and sea and making the entire people keep high tension and act as one to cope with the worldwide health crisis.

The provincial, city and county emergency anti-epidemic units demand the members of the anti-epidemic posts further enhance their responsibility and intensify the education and control of those dealing with supplies, so that the state anti-epidemic measures can be thoroughly observed.

All levels of hygienic and anti-epidemic and anti-epizootic organs are further intensifying the watch and inspection of the migratory birds and habitats lest there should be any gap for possible spread of virus.

The public health organs demand the doctors in charge of households enhance their role in regularly examining the health checkup of the old people, children and those with chronic diseases, finding out in time the inhabitants with fever or respiratory diseases and making clear the reason and giving prompt treatment to them.

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