Toward the Eighth Party Congress!

The Korean people are more actively launching the 80-day campaign toward the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea along with the lapse of time.

They have achieved proud successes in November in the wake of October by vigorously launching a loyal offensive, a fierce 24-7 struggle and a resolute lightning campaign.

Thousands of houses have been wonderfully built and local people moved into new houses in the afflicted areas of the Komdok area, South and North Hamgyong Provinces and Rason City where everything was under muddy water and piles of stones due to terrific natural disasters and people could not recognize their houses properly.

The laughter and singing of those people who moved into new houses were loud like those of victory, encouraging the people across the country all the more to perform miracles and feats.

Officials and working people in Pyongyang City stoned along a total of 22.4-kilometre-long embankment, paved the area of over 40,000 square metres with concrete, planted turves in the area of over 110,000 square metres, repaired or built tens of resting places and repaired two bridges and two pavilions only in a month, refurbishing the River Potong.

Many units have attained their goals of the 80-day campaign when the innovative achievements are constantly made in the leading sectors and the basic industry sectors of the national economy including the electric power, coal and metallurgical industries and railway transport.

In the agricultural sector a lot of units have finished plowing paddy and non-paddy fields by mobilizing forces and means after the rice-sheaf transportation on the basis of their detailed plans according to dates and fields with the target to finish plowing paddy and non-paddy fields before the land froze.

The Tongnaegang Reservoir has been completed and the Kowon Taehung Power Station inaugurated. Like this, a lot of creations have been built.

In order to achieve a greater victory the Korean people continue to perform new miracles and innovations in the 80-day campaign toward the Eighth Party Congress.

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