Economic Development & Construction

Kim Tok Hun Learns about Development of Mt Kumgang Tourist Area

DPRK Premier Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, visited Mt Kumgang tourist area to learn about its development.

Looking round Kosong Port coastal tourist area, Haegumgang coastal park area, sports and cultural area, etc. he discussed technical matters arising in correctly reflecting the Party’s idea of developing scenic spots and meeting the people’s cultural needs on the highest level in the master plan for the development of Mt Kumgang tourist area, and carrying them out.

He called for pushing ahead with the development project of turning Mt Kumgang area into modern and all-inclusive international tourist and cultural area under yearly and phased plans and thoroughly maintaining the principle of conveniences and architectural beauty first in the construction so that people can fully enjoy natural beauty.

He stressed the need to build the tourist area our own way in which national character and modernity are combined while in good harmony with the natural scenery of the diamond mountain so as to turn the famous mountain of the nation into the one well-known for serving the people and a cultural resort envied by the whole world.

The field consultative meeting discussed measures to properly set priorities in the development project consistent with the master plan and fully apply the Juche-oriented idea of architecture and policy concerning construction to the design and construction of a world-level hotel, golf course, skiing ground, etc.

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