Economic Development & Construction

Fertilizer Production Boosted by Dint of Advanced Technologies

Part of the ammonia production process at the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex.

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex is overfulfilling its fertilizer production plan every day.

“The complex has to carry out an uphill fertilizer production task during the 80-day campaign. To this end, we carried out the second-stage thorough repair of the fertilizer production process until early October, thus making a breakthrough in the campaign,” said Mun Kyong Nam, deputy manager of the complex.

It was not an easy job to finish the repair and maintenance of the extensive fertilizer production process, which includes a large number of chemical equipment, networks of pipelines, dozens of gas generators which look like high-rise apartment buildings and the raw materials supply system, in a short time.

However, the complex picked the prime targets of the general overhaul rightly and finished the project ahead of schedule, while ensuring sufficient supply of parts and iron and steel materials.

All the fertilizer production processes are now working at full capacity forming a big organic body.

The coal dressing supply workshop, the first process of fertilizer production, is sorting out coal as quickly as possible and sending it to the next process by ensuring the normal operation of equipment including conveyor belt and vibrating sorting grizzly.

The coal rod production process is scientifically regulating the amount of raw materials and humidity to produce several tons of quality coal rods per hour and send them to gas generating process.

The focus of the semiwater gas production process was placed on the scientific control of temperature, raw material feeding and regulation of the amounts of air and steam in gas generators to increase the amount of gas generation per generator.

The ammonia workshop is producing quality ammonia by introducing advanced working methods to raise the absorptivity of carbon dioxide.

As a result, quality synthesis gas is constantly flowing into the urea workshop and the shipment workshop is picking up the speed of packaging and shipment of fertilizer.

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