Ideal and Great Researches

The Korean people express their boundless yearning for the great leader Kim Jong Il who devoted himself only to the people all his life.

Kim Jong Il made an uninterrupted journey of field guidance to call on the people including workers, peasants, and scientists.

Here is Pak Min Yol, Section Chief of the National Strain Preservation Institute under the State Academy of Sciences.

“I heard an unexpected news that I was summoned by the great Kim Jong Il on September 2, 2006, when I was working at the Kusong Chicken Farm.

That day he looked for a long while at the research findings I made in detail and praised me highly, saying; They seem to be simple but vivid and mysterious. They are quite ideal and great. Today I have seen wonderful findings here.”

Pak Min Yol was making researches at the Kusong Chicken Farm to solve the feed problem, true to the intention of Kim Jong Il to provide the people with more meat.

It was Kim Jong Il who understood the efforts made by the ordinary scientist for years.

Kim Jong Il listened to his research in detail and highly appreciated it as a good research of practical significance. And he had a picture taken with him.

Afterwards, Pak Min Yol travelled all parts of the country to widely introduce his research findings into different sectors of the national economy. As a result, their superiority and economic effectiveness were clearly proved at thousands of units for years.

He would be over the moon whenever he heard the news that Kim Jong Il had visited the industrial establishments which introduced the research findings and expressed satisfaction over their successes.

Section Chief Pak Min Yol has made a constant scientific pursuit, keeping deep in his heart the glorious day when he had met Kim Jong Il.

He became the Kim Jong Il Prize Winner and People’s Scientist.

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