I Miss His Benevolent Image

By Mun Jae Chol (pictured) in Somun-dong, Central District, Pyongyang.

“December has come again. Nine years has passed since the whole country was in bitter sorrow over the sad news of the sudden demise of the great leader Kim Jong Il whom we believed in as in heaven.

In this month it seems as if it were yesterday that I wrote the words of the song ‘O We Miss You’.

I wrote the lyrics in a far-off foreign country in Juche 98 (2009), when I was under treatment there.

As an official engaged in foreign affairs I often went abroad on business. Every time I missed my motherland and the kindhearted Kim Jong Il.

But when I went abroad for treatment, I missed him all the more.

Kim Jong Il had taken the measures for my treatment.

He worked hard for the country and people saving every bit of time. His continued thinking and pursuit and field guidance were tense enough to exhaust him.

Deeply concerned about my illness, however, he had taken measures for treatment.

Kim Jong Il took care of all people in this country with paternal feelings. Under his care, I, son of an ordinary peasant, could graduate from a university and become an official in the field of foreign affairs of the country.

As I was ill in bed far from living up to his love and trust, I could not get asleep. It was not because of my pain from illness but because of my longing for him who was making his uninterrupted field guidance tour.

The longing for him made me take up my pen, though I was neither a poet nor a writer.

I made up my mind to write down my longing for Kim Jong Il, the yearning of all our people and warm praise of the world people for him. I wrote down a letter after letter and it became the lyrics.

My lyrics were completed and made public next year. I didn’t know that it would have a great public response. People told me that listening to the song, they are moved to tears with their ardent longing for Kim Jong Il who devoted his all to the people.

I had never imagined that the song would be the one representing the eternal longing.

Kim Jong Il realized all the wishes of the people but not their ardent wish for his good health.

That is why the people across the country long for him all the more in December.

I think it is a duty of the citizens of this country to devote themselves to building a powerful socialist country on this land under the guidance of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, as desired by the great Kim Jong Il.

Now I am in my 70s and have retired on a pension, but I will do my duty till the last moment of my life.”

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