Gifts to Leaders

Boundless Reverence and Sincerity of the World People

The feelings of reverence and admiration of the Korean people and the progressive peoples the world over for Kim Jong Il, eternal leader of the DPRK, are getting stronger as days go by.

Kim Jong Il, who was born as the son of guerrillas on Mt Paektu, sacred mountain of the revolution, was endowed with the personal traits and qualifications as a great leader at the highest level and led the country straight along the road of victory.

When the whole world suffered political turmoil in the 1990s, he administered Songun politics, thus reliably safeguarding the socialist system of Korea, the bulwark and pillar of the entire Korean people for their life, and building up the DPRK as a powerful state that no aggressors would dare to provoke.

Through his energetic ideological and theoretical, and external activities for the implementation of the cause of global independence he brightly illumined the road ahead of building a new, independent world and firmly defended peace and security in Northeast Asia in the complicated international circumstances, where the high-handedness and arbitrariness prevailed.

Thanks to the great exploits he had performed in his lifetime, along with his outstanding ideological and theoretical wisdom, excellent leadership ability and ennobling personality, Kim Jong Il enjoyed high respect and admiration from his country people as well as the world people.

Many heads of state and party, prominent political and social personages highly praised him as the eternal sun of the cause of independence of mankind and presented to him over 40,000 gifts with sincerity.

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