Successes Made at Pyongyang Floriculture Institute

The Pyongyang Floriculture Institute has made successes in the study, cultivation and dissemination of flowers.

The institute has bred new varieties of high ornamental value with beautiful colours and peculiar shapes according to the aesthetic demand of the people and intensified the study to develop various kinds of flowers.

This year alone, the institute has established various breeding methods and acclimated varieties of world-famous flowers to the condition of Korea and thus registered another 10 kinds of rare flowers as the national ones.

Researchers studied how to improve the technique of making dried flowers and preserving their freshness and thus greatly increased the number of their kinds as against before.

They also made a success in cultivating and disseminating the flowers.

They cultivated good varieties of flowers and introduced 20 kinds of rose, cosmos, gladiolus and others to afforestation units.

They also developed agrochemicals with biological materials rich in Korea to effectively exterminate harmful insects parasitic on flowers.

They have written books and tens of papers, making a contribution to improving the technical and practical skills of the officials in the field of afforestation and giving more knowledge of flowers to the people.

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