Disaster Response

Recovery of Hydraulic Structures Promoted at Final Stage

Officials and workers in the sector of hydroelectric power generation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are rehabilitating the hydraulic structures hit by natural disasters at the final stage.

The Huichon and Taedonggang Power Stations finished the project of reinforcing and placing rear of dams by raising the working ratio of the equipment including mixer and vibration machine.

The Jangjingang Power Station finished recovering different objects including the embankment repairing and revetment reinforcement ahead of schedule. The Hochongang Power Station repaired intake en route and waterway in a qualitative way to increase the carrying capacity.

Workers and technicians of the Sodusu Power Station finished rehabilitation of the structures hit by flood ahead of schedule and the Orangchon Power Station concluded the spillway and road revetment projects at an early date.

The Samsu Power Station, the Kumyagang Army-People Power Station, and the Thongchon Power Station are doing their projects at about 90 percent by raising the speed of earth disposal and concrete placing while generating electricity without letup.

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