Preparations for Next Year’s Production Made at Unjong Tea Plantations

Officials and workers of the Unjong tea plantations in the DPRK are making good preparations for next year’s production.

Those plantations are working hard to keep the tea plants from freezing and finish the production of self-sufficing manure.

The Kumdong Unjong Tea Plantation covered the bottom of the tea plants with rice chaff and hay to raise the temperature of the earth’s surface even in midwinter. The Kangryong Unjong Tea Plantation built thousands of-metre-long fence to minimize the damage by cold wind.

Workers of the Kosong Unjong Tea Plantation applied good-quality compost to the fields to raise the fertility and prepared over 620 tons of humid acid fertilizer substrate.

The plantations have reclaimed tens of hectares of tea gardens in a short span of time and secured a lot of seeds of tea plants and keep and manage them in a responsible way.

And they are actively repairing the tea-leaf processing equipment.

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