Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work Further Intensified in DPRK

All sectors and units are further intensifying the emergency anti-epidemic work, keeping the utmost vigilance.

Given the protracted emergency anti-epidemic work and cold weather, officials in the central emergency anti-epidemic field have taken strict measures to ensure that there would be no abnormal happenings dampening the anti-epidemic atmosphere.

They are making the people take an active part in the anti-epidemic campaign through ideological education.

New anti-epidemic measures have been taken across the country to thoroughly check the inroads of the malignant virus in winter.

The anti-epidemic units in the border areas make sure that all workers strictly observe the anti-epidemic rules when using machines or going to repair the embankments, railroads, etc.

The anti-epidemic workers in the seaside provinces, cities and counties are strictly carrying out medical examination and disinfection of the workers and vessels involved in rehabilitation of costal structures and tideland reclamation.

They also timely collect, disinfect and dispose of the things drifting around.

Institutions and industrial establishments have taken measures for keeping the disinfecting instruments warm in order to successfully ensure the anti-epidemic work.

Public health organs are paying deep attention to the health of old persons and children, while urging the medical workers in charge of households to fulfill their responsibilities so that the residents would not catch cold or other respiratory diseases.

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