Device Helps Treat Prostate Gland Diseases

Recently, technicians of the Pyongyang Medical Appliances Technology Company developed a portable supersonic prostate gland treatment device.

The device, to which electronic and acoustic and programming technologies have been applied, consists of parts for supersonic generation, medicinal injection and outlet, and supersonic output control and display. It weighs 80 grams and intensively incorporates such treatment functions as local massage, medicinal injection, thermotherapy and physicochemical treatment.

Developers say that the device can effectively cure not only prostatitis and prostatomegaly but also rectitis, haemorrhoid and other gynecopathies in a short period.

The device is powered by 170-230V of AC or 12V of DC. A treatment takes about 15 minutes. Its supersonic generating part is put into the rectum and medicinal substance is slowly injected into the inlet once a day.

A cycle of treatment is about a half month and you will see most symptoms improved if you apply it for two cycles at one-month intervals.

Since the new type of treatment device is non-infiltrative one, it causes no pain to patients nor side-effects or complications.

The device is so easy to handle that both medical workers and ordinary people can use it.

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