A Doctor Who Developed New Anticancer Medicine

Cardio- and cerebral vascular disorders and cancerous diseases are considered to be at the top of mortality.

The medical science research sector of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is intensifying researches into those diseases with high incidence and mortality such as cardiovascular disorders and cancerous diseases to develop medicines with great curative effect which are suited to the constitution of Koreans.

Professor and Doctor Ra Yong Ho, Section Chief of the Oncology Institute under the Academy of Medical Science, has developed a molecule-targeting medicine by Koryo medicinal materials on a high level for the first time in Korea, opening up the road for developing advanced anticancer medicine of Korean style.

From long ago he paid attention to the worldwide development of anticancer medicines. In the course, he came to a conclusion that the molecule-targeting medicine is the most ideal one because it is used to target the major agents giving rise to propagation, infiltration and metastasis of cancer cells.

Section Chief Ra Yong Ho says:

“The main aim of the molecule-targeting treatment is to keep a cancer from growing. When the cancer is kept from growing, one can live out one’s natural life without inconvenience. For the purpose, the molecule-targeting medicines came into being and the molecule-targeting treatment started.

The method of synthesis is used worldwide but we have extracted components from Koryo medicinal materials and established measuring method in our way and thus found out the highest percentage in the cancer-controlling activity.

It won the best prize at the International Molecular Oncology Conference.”

Unlike many other countries of the world which paid attention to the chemical manufacturing methods, Section Chief Ra Yong Ho set a goal to make a molecule-targeting medicine with Koryo medicinal materials which is suited to the constitution of Koreans from the beginning, and pooled his creative wisdom together with researchers.

Eventually, some years after the start of the research, he succeeded in making Astralagus membranaceus anticancer injection, a molecule-targeting medicine which requires advanced technology.

The paper on the efficacy of the injection which is used for prevention and treatment of cancerous diseases including gastric cancer was highly appreciated at an international scientific seminar held in Europe.

Afterwards, with his tireless enthusiasm and efforts, he developed again the Hwanggumdurup (aralia shoots) anticancer pills with wider range of treatment and much better effect, which are convenient to use.

Through the result of long study, he proved that unlike the former anticancer medicines, those pills have few side effects like digestive disorder and immunodeficiency within the human body by affecting normal cells.

The molecule-targeting medicines developed by him are produced at a number of pharmaceutical factories at home.

Kim Kum Sil, Official of the Moranbong Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory, says:

“Our factory is producing Koryo medicines conducive to the people’s health and treatment. We have recently produced the Hwanggumdurup anticancer pills, which are very popular among the users.”

The Hwanggumdurup anticancer pills prove effective greatly in the treatment of the patients with advanced cancers and precancerous diseases who cannot undergo operation at a number of hospitals across the country.

Doctor Ra Yong Ho is working hard to develop another anticancer medicines amid the expectation of people.

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