Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work Intensified Across DPRK in Winter

All the sectors and units of the DPRK are intensifying the work for strictly observing the top-class anti-epidemic guidelines in winter.

The central emergency anti-epidemic units are taking measures to remove porosities inclinable to the inroads of the malignant virus, while directing efforts into proactively coping with any circumstances.

Those who were sent to major areas for guidance over anti-epidemic work are taking timely measures with regard to the drop in temperature, while keeping themselves highly vigilant with clear awareness of their heavy responsibility.

Ideological education and hygienic information activities through mass media, education networks, and speaker posts are being carried out in an offensive way.

Scientific research institutes and educational institutions are pushing ahead with the work to develop and introduce new methods of disinfection better applicable at low temperatures.

Control and guidance is being intensified for thorough-going examinations of rivers and lakes against the inroads of malignant virus in the areas with reserves and habitats, in regard to the migration of wild animals.

Institutions and industrial establishments are making detailed arrangements for and strict analyses of emergency anti-epidemic activities like measuring of body temperature, disinfection, and ventilation.

The hygienic and anti-epidemic institutions and disease prevention and medical treatment organs are paying big attention to encouraging residents to care for health against all respiratory diseases.

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