Stricter State Emergency Anti-epidemic Measures Enforced in DPRK

Emergency anti-epidemic system is in full force in the country with endeavors increasing to take cautions against possible porosity and take preemptive measures.

The central emergency anti-epidemic units are making sure that officials heighten their vigilance against unwary practices while sharply following the ever-worsening world health crisis.

They have set up visual aids calling for preventing the inroads of COVID-19 in different places and are inciting the anti-epidemic atmosphere through mass media, education networks and loudspeakers.

The emergency anti-epidemic units across the country have established more anti-epidemic checkpoints with the arrival of the winter season and enhanced the responsibilities and roles of the staff.

They are also taking strong measures for getting rid of uncultured and unhygienic practices that may lead to the spread of the epidemic.

In the areas along borders and the demarcation line, officials, working people and citizens are strongly urged to maintain firm anti-epidemic wall and obey the anti-epidemic protocols and rules of conduct and to take care of any abnormal phenomena in time.

The emergency anti-epidemic units in the coastal areas further tighten the rules of entry into sea and incinerate seaborne rubbish in time.

The units handling imports are working hard to observe the anti-epidemic rules in sterilizing goods in accordance with varieties, qualities and packing and make sure that their members go through regular check-up.

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