Economic Development & Construction

High Goal and Stubborn Practice

The Pyongyang Steel Works is increasing its productivity when all units in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are working hard to greet the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with great labor achievements.

They have set the technical innovation as their main goal in the 80-day campaign.

Deputy Manager Kim Son Il says: “It is impossible to attain the high goals of the 80-day campaign without raising the productivity of the equipment.

We, depending on our technical force, are pushing forward technical reconstruction and production simultaneously such as the issues of increasing the productivity of the induction furnaces and producing the accessories of the rolling equipment by ourselves.

Today we have carried out our production plan at 130 percent.”

Now all the employees are making tireless efforts to invent and introduce more than one technical innovation proposals each, taking it as the fundamental goal of the 80-day campaign.

The steel production continues to be expanded thanks to their high enthusiasm to greet the Eighth Party Congress with brilliant labor achievements.

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