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Girl Wrestler Moonlights As Poet

“I love, of all things, wrestling and poetry the most,” said O Yun A, wrestler at the Jangsan Sports Club.

The promising female wrestler enjoys writing poems whenever she can find time to spare from the busy training schedule.

Everyone at the club likes her poems as they express with ingenuous sincerity their dream to exalt the honour of the country by winning gold medals.

“Her poems give us strength and enthusiasm,” said her colleague Hong Won Jong.

The 17-year-old is keen on reading and has kept a diary since childhood.

She never skips reading books or writing in her diary despite hectic schedules of matches and training and is always engrossed in literary speculation during the breaks and after training sessions.

It was her father who made her develop such an unusual habit.

He told her to keep diary when she entered a primary school. He also bought her many children’s books and told her to make a note about how she felt after reading a book.

“Yun A is the most perceptive girl in my team,” said her coach Kim Hui Won. “She is a girl of surprisingly analytical and discerning mind.”

O Yun A made her national debut in 2016 and won golds at national juvenile sports school contests and Pochonbo Torch Prize games. Especially, she took first place in the qualifying competition for the Asian juvenile wrestling championships last year.

She is a persevering and unyielding player on the mat but turns into a contemplative girl once she steps out of it.

“Poem is an outlet for my inmost thoughts. I will train harder and create more good poems in future,” she said.

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