Production Period Shortened, Output Increased

The Sunchon Catfish Farm in the middle of South Phyongan Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has put the catfish breeding on a scientific basis.

The farm is striving to shorten the production period and lower the cost in order to greet the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with labour successes.

The farm is rearing good-breed catfish by itself, producing and introducing different kinds of fermented forage with good digestibility and building an additives production process by its own efforts.

The introduction of the rational breeding methods made it possible to shorten the period of catfish production 20 days less than before.

Section Chief Sim Yong Jin says:

“Good-breed catfish with strong resistance to diseases is now reared by our technicians at the final stage and the fermented forage with high digestibility accounting for 80 to 90 percent of all the amount of the feed is provided to increase its weight. The output of the farm is getting higher to 120 percent.”

Categories: Aquaculture, Narrated

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