Social System

People of DPRK Create Beautiful Life with Collectivism

The word “collectivism” is familiar to the Korean people in their work and life.

They have brought about shining victory with the might of collectivism throughout the historical path of making the revolution and conducting construction.

It is with this ism that they fully displayed the spirit of Chollima on the ruins after the Fatherland Liberation War and carried out the task of industrialization, that took others several centuries, in just fourteen years.

They have flied a red flag of socialism and are vigorously advancing under this flag, today, too, despite the challenges and stifling moves of the hostile forces.

Everywhere including factories, co-op farms, underground cutting faces and centers for scientific research one can experience collectivism practiced efficiently and its vitality.

Masses come up with original ideas with collective wisdom that is hard to be expected from one or two technicians and successes have been achieved through gigantic work which is formidable by a few people.

Everything from monumental edifices built everywhere of the country to well-arranged relaxation places is all associated with the strength and wisdom of the masses.

There is the pervading trend of devotion for one and love for all in the DPRK in which collectivism has become part of life of the people.

All the people across the country are creating a beautiful life and helping and leading each other, firmly united as one.

Herein lies the advantage of the Korean-style socialist system.

With the word “collectivism” the Korean people are getting stronger and their life is getting more beautiful with warm love, trust and faithfulness.

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