Korea April 26 Animation Studio

The Korea April 26 Animation Studio is well known at home and abroad.

The studio is associated with the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

One day in November of Juche 103 (2014), the Supreme Leader visited the studio to indicate the detailed tasks and ways for making a fresh advance in creating animations.

True to his teachings that the creators and artistes of the studio should be pioneers and pace-setters in creating masterpieces, they have produced hundreds of pieces of cartoon films for the last six years.

They completed the series of cartoon “The Boy General” from the 51st part to the 100th part and created 32 parts of historical animation “Ko Ju Mong”. “The Boy General” deals with the struggle against aggressors waged by the people of Koguryo, a powerful state that existed in the East for a thousand years, and their patriotism.

Those cartoon films are enjoying popularity among the audience for their originality in ideological theme, bewitching power and high artistic level. And other animations with various themes help schoolchildren and working citizens think logically on the basis of scientific judgment and reasoning and cultivate their noble mental and moral traits.

The majority of the studio’s employees are systemically-educated creators and artistes in their twenties. They are now devoting their wisdom to the creation of animations conducive to the intellectual and ideological education of people, rejecting the amusement-seeking attitude and naturalistic principles.

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