Culinary Culture of Korea

Edifice for the People

The Okryu Restaurant is on the bank of the picturesque Taedong River in the capital Pyongyang.

The restaurant has tens of banquet halls and dining halls of different sizes.

It serves thousands of people a day and sometimes more than 10,000.

It also has a restaurant which specializes in famous Korean and foreign foods.

Ri Sun Hyong, Manager of the Food Restaurant under the Okryu Restaurant, says:

“Our restaurant serves the customers with not only national foods such as terrapin, sturgeon and eel dishes but also world-famous foods. Everybody can take those world-famous foods here.”

What is at the top of the foods served at the Okryu Restaurant is the Pyongyang Cold Noodle.

Taking it, everybody remembers its taste. So it is an icon of the restaurant.

Along with the Pyongyang Cold Noodle, there are hundreds of foods including terrapin, sturgeon and quail dishes and mungbean pancake, which are cooked by excellent cooks.

The Okryu Restaurant is an edifice for the people and a pride of Pyongyang.

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