Disaster Response

What Locals Say

As an old saying goes, even ash is left after fire, but nothing after flood.

But after a flood swept our village, many stories of affection were left behind, and wonderful houses sprang up.

This is the reality in our country where all the people form a large harmonious family.

As I look back on the past two months, I harden my resolve to work harder so as to return the favour bestowed by the state.

Pak Cha Suk, farmer of workteam No. 7 of the Taechong Cooperative Farm

I’ve never imagined, even in dream, that my family would live in the house Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited.

It is against moral obligation not to repay favour, only receiving it.

At present Taechong-ri has been known to people throughout the country as a land that underwent a sea change thanks to the state.

We will do farming properly next year to make it become known as a land that reaps bumper crop.

Kang Myong Gun, leader of workteam No. 2 of the Taechong Cooperative Farm

My room is the best one in my home as sunlight streams in from morning to sunset.

“Marshal Kim Jong Un named it the room for children,” my father often says.

I study and sleep here in this room.

I will become an excellent Children’s Union member by studying hard and doing lots of good things, always keeping in my mind the warm affection of the respected Marshal.

Ryang Rim Chong, daughter of Ryang Yong Jin, farmer of workteam No. 5 of the Taechong Cooperative Farm

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