Disaster Response

New Homes Capture Fancy of All

Bright light emanates out from newly constructed houses.

Lovely House

When they return home from a day’s work, a happy smile spreads over the faces of farmers of the Taechong Cooperative Farm.

“I look at my nameplate on the door for a while whenever I am back home. It seems as if I am dreaming. I cannot yet believe it is my home,” said Jang Chol Ryong, a farmer of workteam No. 7.

Such a feeling is experienced by all other farmers, he added.

Every farmer there says the mere sight of their new house makes them happy.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, on his visit to Taechong-ri under reconstruction on September 11, estimated the height of the ceiling and window sill of a room in a house, told officials to fit the window of the bathroom lower in consideration of the average height of farmers since it was fitted too high, and assessed the height of the range in the kitchen as he opened a pot.

The house he inspected that day is now inhabited by the family of Kang Myong Gun, leader of sub-workteam No. 2 of workteam No. 5 of the farm.

“Everything of our new house is gratifying, especially the kitchen. I think every woman of our farm feels the same,” said Kim Pong Sil, 62-year-old mother of Kang. “It seems to be a tailor-made house.”

Houses Will Stand Even If Sky Falls

Natural disaster is inevitable. Nobody can assure that natural disaster will not hit Taechong-ri again like this year. But the Taechong-ri residents are not afraid of natural disaster anymore.

Jong Chol Hyok, soldier builder who participated in the construction of dwelling houses in the afflicted area of Taechong-ri, described the new houses as impregnable ones that would never collapse even if the sky fell.

He said that the new houses have 120-180cm foundations according to the height of the areas where workteams nestle, which means that the floor of the houses is 50cm higher than before, and they have double walls to prevent flood damage.

They also built slabs with reinforced concrete and then roofed houses with tiles so that the residents could put themselves and family property on the roof in case of flooding.

According to Ri In Chol, head of workteam No. 5 at the Taechong Cooperative Farm who met Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on the damaged site last August, the Supreme Leader had a shadow pass over his face after seeing the collapsed houses and suggested providing victims with houses that could stand any downpour and storms so that they could live comfortably even if the area was hit by flood again.

“As the saying goes, ‘Seeing is believing’,” Ri In Chol noted. “It is impossible to say in one or two words about the pains the Supreme Leader took for the construction of new houses, the mind of all people throughout the country and the services of officers and soldiers of the People’s Army who devoted themselves lest they left any faults. You will understand them fully if you visit here.”

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