Social System

‘Mother’ of Orphaned Children

A teacher irons the trousers of a child at Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans.

“I have many ‘mothers’ who are engaged in cooking, teaching, laundry, and even looking after me when I go to bed,” said Kim Kon Wi, a boy of the 3-2 class at Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans.

The “mothers” he mentioned are afterschool education teachers at the school.

They are all maidens who started their career as teachers at the school after graduating from Pyongyang Teachers Training College.

Hwang Ryon Hui is an extracurricular education teacher in her twenties who has just graduated from the college.

“I still remember my mother said ‘Now you have become a teacher’ when I graduated from the college. But I have to become a mother before being a teacher,” said Hwang.

According to her, she sometimes spends a good time, attracted by the juvenile mind of innocent children, but she spends most of time of 24 hours taking care of them, rather than having a carefree time.

There are boys who were so energetic and vehement as to break down fixtures, and some girls are too introverted to speak all day long, only answering questions.

“Sometimes, our afterschool teachers get annoyed by children’s mischief but always refrain from scolding them. They know well that love can do what scolding cannot,” said Choe Jong Hui, deputy headmistress in charge of school affairs.

Afterschool teachers devote themselves to repairing children’s clothes at their playing time, and lay new socks and hairpins for them by their beds when they are asleep.

On the birthdays of orphaned children, they take photographs, prepare special dishes and sing songs for them while sharing joy.

Kim Il Sim, chief of the education section, keeps a book recording the painstaking efforts and motherly affection the afterschool teachers made and showed for the children.

Their devotion and love, which are cherished in the mind of innocent children, are reflected on children’s report cards, diary books and pencil picture album “12 months of our school”.

According to Choe Jong Hui, they showed Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un their diary books and pencil picture album last year and those who graduated from the school this year wrote a letter mirroring their determination to grow up into the fine pillars of the country to the Supreme Leader to make him happy.

Maiden teachers of the school enjoy sincere blessings of orphaned children on the occasion of Mother’s Day every year.

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