Manufacturer of Rolling Stock

The Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex, established on November 10, 1945, is the leading base which exclusively engages in manufacturing electric locomotives and rolling stock.

The workers of the complex have made contributions to stepping up the railway modernization and easing the shortage of means for transporting passengers and freight by manufacturing a large number of electric and diesel locomotives, subway trains, tramcars, passenger coaches and other rolling stock.

In the early 1960s, they made Pulgungi-1, the first electric locomotive in the DPRK, by their own efforts and technologies and manufactured it in a serial way. They also produced many electric locomotives and coaches.

In keeping with the demands of the developing times, they made an impulse-controlled electric locomotive in 2009, a four-axle alternating-current electric locomotive in 2010 and a subway train in 2015.

In October, they manufactured a six-axle AC electric locomotive with a design to optimize traction power and speed.

They are making efforts to increase the manufacture of electric locomotives, subway trains and other rolling stock.

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