Love Shown for the Sports Village in Chongchun Street

The sports village in Chongchun Street of the capital Pyongyang was inaugurated in Juche 77 (1988). It is a comprehensive sports and cultural base with gymnasiums for sports games of tens of events such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, weightlifting and swimming, a restaurant for sportspeople, a hotel and other welfare service amenities.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the sports village in Chongchun Street on March 8, Juche 102 (2013).

He came out to the spot with a plan to spruce up the sports village. Looking round various gymnasiums, restaurant and hotel, he indicated specific tasks and ways for reconstruction.

Going round the Basketball Gymnasium, he gave instructions on taking proper measures to ensure soundproofing and temperature of its hall and waiting room. At the Table-Tennis Gymnasium he called for providing the players with better sports goods.

At the Weightlifting Gymnasium he stressed the need to design it well by referring to many worldwide information of sports facilities.

That day, he also dropped in at the restaurant for sportspeople.

Manageress Ko Kyong Hui says:

“When the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un dropped in at our restaurant for sportspeople, supper was being prepared. Here in the kitchen there were various materials for cooking such as meat, fish and eggs.

Kim Jong Un learned about how the raw materials are provided and about the variety of the materials for cooking and the quality of foods in detail.

And he asked what kind of foods the players like most.

He looked like the father who wants to do something more for his children.”

That day, Kim Jong Un said the restaurant for sportspeople would be built well while rebuilding gymnasiums in the sports village of Chongchun Street.

There was the inaugural ceremony of the rebuilt sports village in March Juche 103 (2014).

The sports village in Chongchun Street is associated with the love and care of Kim Jong Un for the sportspeople displaying the honour of the country in international games and giving the national pride to the people.

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