Disaster Response

Kindred Feelings

Working people, school youth, and children in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea continue to send their letters encouraging the service personnel of the Korean People’s Army who are performing feats at the sites of damage rehabilitation for the people.

In the letters they said they were deeply impressed to see the devoted efforts of the service personnel working hard for reconstruction and expressed their will to become honorable victors in the 80-day campaign like the service personnel working miracles day by day.

Picturing to themselves the service personnel building good houses and schools, the schoolchildren write letters promising to grow up and become soldiers of the People’s Army loyal to Marshal Kim Jong Un. Their letters deepen the love of the soldiers for their country and people.

Reading the letters full of kindred feelings, the service personnel harden their will once again to work in high spirits and bring earlier the day of completion when the people in the afflicted areas will be provided with new houses free of any charge.

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