Education, Mother of Science

At the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that if science can be called an engine leading the economic development, education can be called the mother of science, and specified the tasks and ways for fundamentally improving the country’s education.

Education is the mother of science. It represents the idea of the WPK on bringing about a change in education and thus training a greater number of talented scientific and technological personnel who would contribute to the building of a powerful socialist country.

Education for bringing up the talented personnel is an important work concerning the destiny of the country and the future of the nation.

The success in training talented personnel for the state and developing science and technology depends on the level of education of the country.

The national might of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is unthinkable apart from the policy of attaching importance to science and technology and the educational policy of the WPK which has consistently regarded it as the greatest of the state affairs to develop science and technology and train talented personnel.

In line with the demand of the developing times Kim Jong Un presented the idea of attaching importance to science and technology and talents and advanced the slogans “Let Us Leave Our Future to Education!” and “Let Us Make Education the One That Can Undertake Our Future!”, paying a great attention to the educational development.

Today, in our country advanced educational methods and systems are introduced and further perfected from the point of view that the shortcut to the building of a powerful country lies in attaching importance and giving priority to education.

In the DPRK a great progress is made in education thanks to the wise leadership of the WPK which regards education as the most important work.

It is a firm will of the WPK to glorify ours as a country of education and promote the building of a powerful socialist country with science and technology as an engine.

With the noble target and ideal of the Party, ours will be built into a powerful socialist country relying on scientific and technological personnel with high ability and the strength to develop science and technology.

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