Brown Coal Slag, Substitute for Cement

Scientists of the State Academy of Sciences have recently developed a new technology capable of recycling the brown coal slag from the thermal power stations and introduced it into reality.

Ri Yun says:

“Our research institute has developed a technology to use the brown coal slag without crushing on the spot, making it possible to save a lot of cement for the dam construction of power stations.”

If the new technology for recycling is used in the dam construction, a lot of cement can be saved as against before and intensity and frost resistance of concrete be ensured to the full.

And since the raw brown coal slag from thermal power stations is used in construction, it is said that a lot of manpower can be saved and power consumption be decreased.

This technology turned the brown coal slag which had been thrown away into useful resources while increasing the construction speed. It is gaining public favour as it can bring great economic profits to the construction of hydraulic structures.

Ri Yun says:

“During the 80-day campaign toward the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, we will make research findings which can greatly contribute to making the national economy Juche-oriented, including the issues on prolonging the life span of refractories of the iron works and on developing sulfate-resisting cement for tidal power stations.”

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