Successes Made During Autumn Campaign of General Mobilization for Land Management

Successes have been made in different places of the DPRK during the autumn campaign of general mobilization for land management.

Jagang Province actively pushed ahead with the projects for land development including the road extension work in the section of a thousand and hundreds of metres, and bridge construction and thorough repairs of over 20 spots. North Phyongan Province successfully carried out the pavement of model roads and bridge-access roads in the section of more than 90 kilometres.

Hoechang County of South Phyongan Province pushed forward the afforestation for erosion control while concentrating efforts on afforestation. Songchon County carried out tree planting and river improvement in an efficient and planned way.

Haeju City and Chongdan County of South Hwanghae Province restored to the original state the embankments destroyed by repeated natural disasters and pushed ahead with planting the ground cover at the same time, clearing the traces of damages. During the general mobilization, road construction and technical reconstruction were carried out in the section of hundreds of kilometres and river dredging of more than two million cubic metres completed and tens of hectares of bank-protecting forest created throughout the country.

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