Economic Development & Construction

One Desire

All sectors and units of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are launching the 80-day campaign. The Pyongyang Construction Machinery Factory is also bringing about an upsurge in production.

Chief Engineer Choe Chol says: “For the 80-day campaign, our factory has set a goal to produce tens of elevators and ordered equipment needed for the housing construction. So we are putting primary efforts to mobilizing and using all materials to the maximum. On the basis of specific plans for technical innovations, we operate the sci-tech learning space and do the technical study on a regular basis to raise the professional level. At present, we are carrying out the plans for technical innovations such as the development of the rail-gripping device. All the employees including technicians and skilled workers are making strenuous efforts to carry them out.”

Original ideas are conceived one after another thanks to the laborious efforts of the technicians and workers. They ensure the safety of elevators, reduce the production costs by localizing all sorts of parts and fully meet the aesthetic demand. They are also helpful in greatly increasing the working results with less manpower as against before.

The employees of the Pyongyang Construction Machinery Factory continue to raise production results, overcoming difficulties and bottlenecks in the spirit of self-reliance and by dint of science and technology. It is said that if they go in this way, they will break the peak year of the factory.

It is their unanimous desire to greet the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with such pride.

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