More Cement to Be Produced During the 80-Day Campaign

The Sangwon Cement Complex is launching a dynamic drive for production during the 80-day campaign toward the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The officials of the complex give precedence to providing raw materials and fuel and solve all problems in time while organizing and commanding production at the calcination and cement workshops.

The controllers of the Central Control Room find out the factors which may give hindrance to the operation of the equipment and take measures in time and make positive efforts to introduce more reasonable operation methods.

Chief Engineer Yun Song Chol says:

“In order to attain the high production goals we have made clear the daily, weekly and monthly plans for the processes and machines and actively organize and command the economy.

We have strengthened cooperation between the staff offices and directed efforts to the management of equipment and the technical management. Bearing in mind that the way of normalized production lies in the normal operation of the equipment, we are pushing ahead with it.”

Workshop Head Paek Chol Hak says:

“Let’s become the honourable victors in the 80-day campaign as well and proudly enter the venue of the Eighth Party Congress with good labour successes. This is our unanimous resolve.”

With such patriotism and loyalty the workers of the Sangwon Cement Complex will produce a larger quantity of cement.

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