People's Voices

Women’s Organization, Powerful Force of Society

By Kim Tong Sun (pictured), section chief of the Central Committee of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea

November 18 is the day of the 75th founding anniversary of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea (SWUK).

As the successor to the Democratic Women’s Union of Korea, the SWUK has rendered great services to accomplishing the socialist cause of Juche as a transmission belt and reliable assistant to the Workers’ Party of Korea.

After Korea’s liberation from the Japanese military occupation (August 15, 1945), the women’s union inspired broad sections of women to play a great role in building and advancing socialism victoriously in the annals of the Korean revolution, including in the period of building a new, democratic Korea, the hard-fought Fatherland Liberation War (June, 1950-July, 1953) and the periods of postwar rehabilitation and socialist construction.

Today, the Korean women, who have grown up into a powerful force of society, are giving full play to their strength, wisdom and zeal in the drive to build a socialist power, exercising the equal right to independence to men.

Among them are a large number of patriotic women, including a deputy, Heroine, general, People’s Scientist, People’s Artist, People’s Athlete, labour innovator, etc.

Our women are supporting their husbands to do their work well and bringing up their children to be dependable pillars of the future. They are also playing their role with credit in making their own family and the whole country a great harmonious one in socialism.

They are conducting intensive motivated work for increased production and do-good-deeds movements in major construction sites of the country to encourage working people in their struggle.

The 14th Conference of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) held in Venezuela in April 2007 elected the SWUK as a member organization of its executive committee.

Under the slogan “Women of the world, let us unite for peace against imperialism!”, the SWUK is further strengthening solidarity with the WIDF in the struggle to build a new, just, peaceful and independent world free from domination, subjugation, aggression and interference.

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