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Restaurant Backs Nearby School to Help Improve Conditions

Employees of the Okryu Restaurant donate stuffed animals to Kim Song Ju Primary School.

One day five years ago, pupils of Kim Song Ju Primary School in Pyongyang, who were busy preparing for sports and amusement games on the occasion of the founding anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union saw some people entering the playground with sporting goods in their hands.

They were officials of the Okryu Restaurant.

“They gave us footballs, volleyballs and other sporting goods, saying they just wanted to offer some help to our school and promising further assistance,” said headmistress Ri Yong Ryol.

Since then, they became sponsors of the school by themselves.

They came to the school on several occasions including the school-supporting months of March and October and discussed with the school staff the matters related to education.

They mainly donated materials and modern teaching facilities needed for improving educational conditions and environment of the school.

The desks and chairs and over 20 computers in the natural experiment room and TV sets and broadcasting facilities in multifunctional classrooms are said to have been provided by them.

Last year, they helped the school change the entrance door so as to improve its looks.

Recently, they also helped the school furnish the foreign language study room to meet the psychological needs of pupils.

“Education of the rising generation is an undertaking for the future of the country and supporting schools is a patriotic work which all of us should do for our children and the new generations before it is a material aid,” said Ri Yong Sim, a section chief of the restaurant.

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