Science and Technology

Powerhouse in Geological Prospecting 50 Years On

Lecturers study teaching methods based on the relief model of a mine at Sariwon University of Geology.

Sariwon University of Geology in North Hwanghae Province plays a leading role in the training of technical personnel in the field of geological prospecting in the country.

The university has recently completed its continuous education system, from the undergraduate course to postgraduate school, and newly designed their curricula accordingly.

It also developed dozens of new subjects and worked out thousands of online lecture and distance education plans, while constantly upgrading teaching contents and methods.

The number of model lecturers and winners of new teaching method registration certificate is increasing among the lecturers.

The university encourages scientific research to solve problems arising in practice.

Lecturers and researchers at the university have undertaken hundreds of research projects including the establishment of an underground radar-based railroad bed safety inspection system.

They developed a new siliceous silica carbide refractory needed for the production of steel.

They also explicated the metallogenic theory and laws, making it possible to explore for the country’s underground resources in a planned way.

The university conducted research into the characteristic features of geological distribution of barite ore body in North and South Hwanghae provinces and its utility.

Achievements were also made in the tectonic study of crust and scientific research on the assessment of deposits.

The university directs a lot of energies to improving educational conditions and environment.

All lecture halls and laboratories have become multifunctional and experimental.

“Without resting on our laurels, we will work harder to attain a higher goal,” said Choe Jong Man, president of the university.

This year the university celebrated its golden jubilee.

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