Personally Hearing a Song of Conjugal Workers


A concert was given at the People’s Theatre in the capital Pyongyang on May 1, Juche 101 (2012) in the presence of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on the occasion of the international holiday of the working people of the world.

When the concert reached its climax, some of the audience were also invited to the stage.

Among them were winners of the national singing contests of working people, film actors and actresses, popular story teller, conjugal workers and students of Kim Chaek University of Technology. All of them sang of their life with pride.

The conjugal workers were Ri Jong Son and his wife Kim Pong Suk at the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, who caught the eyes of the audience.

They had sung a song well before the great leader Kim Jong Il, giving pleasure to him.

Before singing a song, they proudly said the ordinary workers were leading a happy life as creator and enjoyer of the socialist culture in the society where the people are masters.

And they sang the song “We Are Conjugal Workers” they had sung before Kim Jong Il on the unforgettable day.

Hearing their song, Kim Jong Un was greatly pleased, giving a big hand. And he wore a bright smile on his face as a token of encouragement.

The conjugal workers were greatly excited.

They felt as if they saw again Kim Jong Il who had enjoyed their performance some years before and sent his thanks, saying with pleasure that the workers of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex gave a wonderful performance perfect in the ideological and artistic value truthfully representing their worthwhile working life.

Kim Jong Un sat together with the ordinary working people and listening to their simple songs, was warmly concerned about their worthwhile working life as well. Kim Jong Un who is identical with Kim Jong Il is the benevolent father of the people.

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